How can we collaborate virtually when we don’t see each other? How do I organize myself? What do I need to consider as a people manager? How can I handle stress and create a work-life balance under special circumstances?

The following four categories will offer useful hints and tips for remote work. The content will be updated regularly with the latest information.

Coping with COVID-19: staying mentally and physically fit during the crisis
During times of crisis, we all have to change our habits. While it is normal to be worried, we also need to ensure that we do not overburden ourselves and find a new, balanced and healthy way of living and working.

Working virtually and remotely: getting organised, staying focused, managing family and work
We are used to communicating face to face – but how do we communicate effectively in a virtual setting? What are expectations for virtual working? How to collaborate effectively? And how can home office with children or pets work?

Connecting and engaging: humanising virtual interactions
How to make remote work more social in spite of isolation? How to stay motivated and avoid non-stop working? How to avoid stress, cope with fear and build resilience?

Leadership: leading teams virtually - for managers and team leads
You are a manager or a team lead and are now required to lead people virtually. What can managers and team leads do to ensure their teams maintain momentum in the business? How to build trust and show appreciation? How to potentially deal with conflicts?

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