Our Subscription & Fees

If you are interested in our pay services please turn to the indicated contact or use the link "Request Access".

PwCPlus offers per user/year
PwCPlus Starter "PwCPlus Full Services" package for 3 monthonce
300,00 €* 
PwCPlus Full ServicesIncludes Knowledgebase, E-Library und Pronouncements1.500,00
€* request*
PwCPlus EnterpriseSpecial offer for multi-user, includes "PwCPlus Full Services" für > 10 userrequest
PwCPlus TrialRegistered users can subscribe to the trial version Financial Services for 4 weeks. It includes the modules  "Risk & Regulation", the Accounting-Modul "CMAAS PRIME" und the e-book "VAG und MaRisk (VA)".
for free
PwCPlus Free Free Knowledgebase modules: Cross FS, CMAAS, Healthcare & Pharma, Public Services (everything mainly in German).
for free

*plus turnover tax

 *Alumni get 20% reduction