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Topics and fees at a glance.

PwC Plus offers selected free topic packages as well as a fee-based area.

If you are interested in a fixed fee subscription, please contact the person named on the right. Alternatively, a registered person can request a trial subscription in the registration area under the menu item "Subscription".

Dr. Ruth Elsholz

Dr. Ruth Elsholz

Themenverantwortliche Knowledge Transfer
Frankfurt am Main

Which topics are for free?


The category for students as well as interns from FS with everything around the professional career.

Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory (CMAAS)

Contains accounting and capital markets issues (mainly in German). Just register and start your research!

Cyber Security & Privacy

Facts, studies and new insights into attacks on enterprise networks and systems, computer fraud, manipulation of account and financial data, data spying and interception.

Healthcare & Pharma

Industry updates, mainly in German.

Public Services

Updates around Public Services, mainly in German.

Real Assets

All fields ranging from valuation and developing of a strategy to accompanying transactions.

X-Financial Services

Recent Tax and Consulting Topics, mainly in German.

FS Trial

Once you have successfully registered, you have the option of activating the free 30 days trial subscription for Financial Services. Content is mainly in German.

Which topics are fee-based?

Actuarial Services 

Everything around insurance mathematics (mainly in German).

Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory PRIME (CMAAS PRIME)

Technical Information on national and international accounting for Financial Services, focus is on IFRS (mainly in German).


Our E-Library offers selected publications of critical topics like IFRS for banks and banking regulation and is updated and extended regularly (mainly in German).

Knowledge Transfer

“Our knowledge for you” delivers FS topics in different formats: Hints to events, publications, brochures and studies as well as surveys and useful tools (mainly in German).


Licensed content from IDW (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, Incorporated Association), DRSC (Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (ASCG)) and IFRS Foundation: Included in the fee by subscription to the FS pay service offer (mainly in German).

Risk & Regulation

Regulatory horizon scanning: regulation, compliance and risk management for Financial Service providers (mainly in German).


Regulatory, studies and latest developments regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Finance (SF) and European Green Deal.

Technology & Process Risk

IT infrastructure, issues on specific IT tools for FS and effects on accounting related enterprise processes (mainly in German).

How much do the different subscriptions cost?

PwC Plus Full Services

All fee-based topics including E-Library und Pronouncements

per user/year: 1.700,00 €* Request

If the registered user is a former PwC employee, we grant a 20% discount for this account.

PwC Plus Enterprise

Special offer for multi-user, includes "PwC Plus Full Services" für > 10 user

per user/year: Request

PwC Plus Trial

Registered users can subscribe to the trial version Financial Services for 30 days.

PwC Plus Free 

Free topics: 4Students, Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory (CMAAS), Cyber Security & Privacy, Healthcare & Pharma, Public Services, Real Assets, X-FS (everything mainly in German).

per user/year: for free


 *plus turnover tax

Why registration?

PwC Plus research is based on a customizable surface. You can tailor your personal alert, subscribe or unsubscribe to it, ask for access to a free trial period for Financial Services content or send feedback to the PwC Plus team. For all activities, a user identification is necessary. If you have accepted marketing with the terms of use you will receive updates on events, trainings or publication consistent with your chosen topics.

Registration doesn't require a fee-based subscription and is not binding until a written contract. You can delete your account at any time.

How to register and what happens afterwards?

You can register for free by using this link.

Your can delete your account at any time. After registration, you will receive an email from PwC Plus containing a confirmation link. Only then your PwC Plus account will be activated and you will have access to the content available to you.