What we stand for:

The application PwC Plus stands for quality assured sources, daily updates and experienced experts.

What we offer:

  • A research platform for financial service providers thematizing Accounting, Regulation, Risk Management and Compliance. Subscription 
  • Cross-sector Accounting content, special-industry modules such as Healthcare & Pharma, Public Services, X-Financial Services. Free registration area  
  • Sensitization for important developments and support for early detections of changes, chances and risks (Horizon Scanning).

Our goal:

Providing timely and reliable information on guidelines of legislators, authorities, standard setters and regulation – to keep you up to date like our staff! Please do not hesitate to contact our Knowledge Transfer Team for any further questions.

Advantages and benefits of a PwC Plus subscription
  • verified information source
  • daily updates
  • completely searchable articles (with refiner)
  • tailored alert

Topics and Keywords

Dr. Ruth Elsholz

Dr. Ruth Elsholz

Themenverantwortliche Knowledge Transfer
Frankfurt am Main